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Sheena - The bubbly, the free bird, belonging only to herself, lover of all things with wheels, also the girl next door who loves to talk to people. Bollywood is her life and Mr Dabang is her love that's why she is also known as Miss Dabang. Life is too short to stick to just one thing all the time, so branch out and experiment. Life needs to be an adventure. - Her positive attitude gives her wings to fly. Her combo of chirpiness with an everlasting smile is a complete hit and also let her win every heart. Quote for the day : There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.

Join Sheena on Drivetime Weekends! Get in to the world of positive vibes with unplugged music that will chill your maan; a show that revolves around our lifestyles, relationships along with Bollywood gup shup and interesting facts from all across the globe.

Twitter: @shinnysheena
Instagram: @shinnysheena
Facebook page:@shinnysheena

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