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Sandi H

Saturday Mix Masala

13:00- 16:00



Catch Sandi on Lyca radio each and every Saturday 1-4pm on the Saturday Mix Masala! The name says it all, playing you a mixture of Bollywood/urban & Bangra, Sandi will update you on the weird goings on in the world, with my crazy weird stories! After all knowledge is power… will throw in some tips and facts too! And some gupshup from Bollyland! and quizzes too!! your favorite music and the freshest gossip.

Sandi has been a radio Presenter for over 8 years now, ever since she presented her first show, she fell in love...with the headphones and mic! Sandi loves the confidence boost that radio gives her already quirky crazy personality!!! She is a very bubbly, young at heart Bollywood fan, a strong believer of astrology spirituality and positive thinking!! She believes that “what is meant to be will be, what is meant for you, will always find its way”.

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